Tips on How to Get Your Baby to Sleep

Tips on How to Get Your Baby to Sleep

Many parents feel frustration when they cannot get their infant to sleep. Having three children myself, I have learned that every child is different and sometimes what works for one child doesn’t for another. Here I hope to give you some additional ideas and things to try or remember when its bedtime for your little angel.
First things first though, make sure your child is not running a fever or is ill. If so, treat the child accordingly or take to the doctor if crying is persistent and will not stop over a few hours. You can even call your local hospital and ask to speak with a nurse, you can explain what is going on with your child and they will let you know if you may need to bring them in. Sometimes this may be the problem as to why you cannot get your child to sleep.

Use your common sense, what helps you sleep may also help them. Make sure baby’s tummy is full and their diaper is dry. Be sure child is properly dressed for the temperature in your home. If its cold outside, be sure baby has a warm sleeper on, but don’t overdress you don’t want to overheat him. Keep a small night-light in their bedroom, so when they wake up they are not frightened by not being able to see. Also, try background noise. Sometimes something as simple as a fan placed in the baby’s room left running all night will be enough to help baby sleep. Things such as radios with soft music playing or a inexpensive small waterfall placed on baby’s dresser will help baby slip into a good slumber.

Another idea is to give baby a warm bath just before bedtime. Using lavender baby wash will help sooth baby and relax them, getting them ready for sleep. A clean pacifier to suckle on and rocking the infant for twenty minuets may not always do the trick, but is most commonly used. While rocking, try patting their back or bottom in a pattern; keep noise low and lights dim. Hold baby close on your chest and let your face touch theirs. If the child is breast fed, try placing the baby directly on the skin of your chest, this will comfort them and assist in helping them sleep.

If you become too frustrated to care for baby due to lack of sleep or too much crying have your spouse, relative, or friend take over for a while giving you much needed rest. Its okay to place baby in the crib and walk away for a breather when your feeling tense. But be sure crib is free of toys and heavy blankets. If you are able to remain calm, the baby will not pick up on your tension and will eventually fall asleep.

Some babies if colicky love the sound of a vacuum. I myself left a vacuum running many times for over an hour for my colicky baby to sleep. The noise was tolerable because I finally was able to get some rest, eat, and take a bathroom break. A fifteen minute drive in the car with music playing also can work for those sleepless nights. Just be careful when baby does fall asleep, make sure he is not woken up by your pets barking or bright lights.

I hope all of the information I have given you can be used. Remember to love your baby and snuggle them even when they frustrate you. If you think something is not right and your baby might be ill, go by instinct and take your child to the doctor. Its not worth the risk.