Give Yourself Some Credit

Over the past two months I have talked about my experiences with raising children as a single dad. People ask me all the time “how do you do it”, to which I respond “I just do it”. Really when you think about it, we all have some sort of experiences from our childhood that we can draw upon. Some of those memories are positive and some of those memories are negative. Too often I talk to frustrated parents who say “My parents raised me to be what I am today, why can’t I do the same with my kids”. Or “My kids just don’t understand how good they have it”. Allow me to break the news to you folks, life wasn’t always a bundle of roses for you growing up, and I guarantee you that it wasn’t for your parents either. Kids are kids, God bless them. They are here to challenge us, test us, negotiate with us and generally push every button that they can. If you are going to try and compare how you were raised, with raising kids today, you need to wake up and smell reality. When I was playing high school football we had three plays. Run left, run right and run up the middle. It was a pretty simple game plan. Now days the parenting game plan, just like football game plans, have become more complicated. Whether you are single parent like me, or part of a two parent household, give yourself some credit. Your kids will be just fine. As long as you listen to them, talk to them, are honest with them, and most of all, let them know each and every day that you love them, things will work out.